Serendipitous Synergy!

Aneesa A

Every small business owner fantasizes about the day they are able to bring on a full time or at least a part time employee on board.
While I’ve been been fortunate to find just the right team mates for different pop ups throughout the years, I’m immensely excited to introduce the Manager for House of Tribalfare.
Please join me in welcoming Aneesa A to our tribe!

Aneesa and I and met through a chance visit at Barnes and Noble where she bowled me over with her stellar customer service. I was scrambling to find a book for my son’s school project. It was out of stock. Aneesa went over and beyond to find a solution for me. Her interest in my little dilemma and her efforts to solve MY problem just took me by surprise and amazement. Rarely do I get bowled over by genuine customer service and when I do, I make sure to compliment the person. Sincerely.
Aneesa was complimented thoroughly. I was grateful for her help and we parted ways. A few weeks later, I ran into her again at the local library. It was a delight to see her again and we were quick to exchange numbers and set up a coffee date.
We became friends and I was inspired by her multicultural journey and path. I just knew we would work together someday.

Aneesa and I are eagerly waiting to be your hosts at House of Tribalfare in just a few months. Pls comment below to give her a welcome shout out!❤️?

”Hola everyone! My name is Aneesa and I am truly enamored with this tribe of ours and so grateful to witness House of Tribalfare take shape. I was born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Singapore for a time before being sent off to school in London, going back and forth to Jakarta, Australia, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur because of my late father’s job. I chose to return to Southeast Asia as an adult to work and make my home because the weather was great and the food, the greatest. The one question I have been asked more often than not is ‘Where are you from?’

For a long while, I have felt like I never truly belonged anywhere, but soon after I decided to celebrate my diversity, accepting that I will relish the minute mystery which comes with people not being able to figure out where I’m from, Tribalfare happened. I have known Ojas for six years now, visiting her pop-ups at Tech Town in Detroit. have admired the work Ojas does with Tribalfare and I never realized the care and heart behind this until late last year when I was invited to fully immerse myself in this Tribe. Ojas who also comes from an immigrant background understood exactly where I was at that precise point in my life when we spoke about me coming on board.

I believe this is a partnership of minds and hearts that work as we share the same ideas and ideals for what we want in a work space and also in a mutually respectful space for people to come and shop, share and experience a personal mindfulness. It is such a personal privilege to be included and woven into this tapestry of people who are creating supportive, positive and nurturing ideas and works – either through personal artistry or by the way of fair trade and respectful commerce. There is joy in this. It feels so good to finally belong. I am extremely pleased to meet you and I look forward to welcoming you personally into the House of Tribalfare.

Celebrating Cultural Expression

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