Our Artisans

Find out a little more about the artisans we are partnering with..their creations..their stories..

Puri Artisan Tribalfare ethnic products hand-made India.


Rajasthan, India

Over the last 15 years Puri has been meticulously perfecting her skills, stitching quilts and cushions out of hand block-printed fabrics for a local manufacturer in Rajasthan, India. During our talks, she expressed to us her satisfaction in the work that she does right at home in Rajasthan. Her employer has been known within the area for the respect and fair wages that he has provided employees, long before "fair-trade" was a widely spread concept. 


Deva Kanya Artisan Tribalfare ethnic products hand-made India.

Deva Kanya

New Delhi, India

I met Deva Kanya on a recent trip to an NGO in New Delhi. She is the in house designer for the upcycled tire tube collection that we are absolutely in love with. She works with the different artisans at the NGO and collaborates on bringing her vision to life. Her passion and humility is what struck me the most. An immigrant to India, she is not born and raised in New Delhi but her cause and path is so inspirational. The respect with which she addresses the other artisans and even the maid who brought us the chai was so refreshing. She designs laptop bags, briefcases, cross body bags and wallets. Her devotion to Indian artisans and craftsmanship makes us proud to have her as a collaborator. 

Kumar Artisan Tribalfare ethnic products hand-made India.


Bihar, India

An artisan from the Indian state of Bihar, who excels in the local Madhubani style of paintings. Simple water colours often mixed with natural stone and veg dyes and colored pens used to depict traditional Indian scenery, animals and people.

When I met him he was seated just like this and I asked him to show me the paintings behind him. Without looking up, he murmured “come and take a look yourself”. I found that pretty rude... then I saw a pair of crutches laying beside him and then glanced at his legs... he was disabled. What struck me most is that not once did he mention this to garner any sympathy from me. For him, his work was worship. While he continued to pen his art on paper, he educated me on this style of painting that has been passed down over generations by his forefathers.

Haribhai Artisan Tribalfare ethnic products hand-made India.


Kutch, India

Haribhai makes rugs and shawls which he weaves in his little shop, not bigger than an average living room. We asked if he makes a sketch so that he has a pattern to follow before he starts weaving, he looked perplexed. He says that he never learned that way, he just thinks about it and stars weaving. He estimates the design and spacing as he weaves... what perfection!

It is truly amazing to see how he interacts with customers while he weaves. His eyes don't leave the loom, even for a second, razor focused on the flow of the string even as he responds to questions with amazing swiftness. In this picture, I had to request for him to stop working for a second and look at me. 

Kuldeep Artisan Tribalfare ethnic products hand-made India.


Rajasthan, India

Kuldeep comes from a family of master hand-block carvers. Each pattern is first traced on the block and an outline is handrawn. A special pointed tool is used to carve out the outline and then follows a series of different tools that vary in sharpness, depth and width. With expert precision and razor sharp focus, young Kuldeep starts hammering and chipping away at the teak wood block. Patience and persistence is key. We had our logo blocks made and he couldn't stop smiling and thanking us as we requested him to carve it out. Such humility. Kuldeep is currently in search of a wife and asked me to find him one;) It was an honor to meet you Kuldeep!

Find Your Artisan Treasure

"Die Ketten, die ich kaufte sind schöne Einzelstücke. Ich liebe den Style – die Qualität ist auch gut. Durch den Tribalfare Schmuck wird ein schlichtes Outfit zu einem Hingucker.”
“The necklaces I bought are very unique! I love the style and the quality is also great ! It turns a simple outfit into a fancy one.. “
Hugs and lots of love"

-Erika D, Germany

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"Tribalfare’s shawl and jewelry always add spice to my simple fashion with style. Especially my favorite cotton shawl is touchably-soft and nicely light to carry. Even during the summer time, in a strong AC indoors I can throw it over just about anything. Tribalfare’s items are not affected by trends and also most of the items can be used regardless season."

-Tomoko H
Tokyo, Japan