Our Story


Born and raised in India, Ojas has made the United States her home for the last 20 years. A cosmopolitan upbringing and travels to far flung regions have immersed Ojas in different cultures and backgrounds. This inspires her creativity and shapes her views as a global citizen. “Home is where the heart is” maybe a cliché but Ojas has left a piece of her heart in each of the countries she has ever lived in: India, United States, China and Mexico. Ojas enjoys sharing cultural heritage through curated artisan finds, immersive food and travel experiences. Tribalfare is her international business based in Detroit.

Tribalfare is all about making cultural exchange and immersion possible. Traveling each year to connect with artisans throughout India, Tribalfare curates their work and offers their handcrafted treasures for sale through pop ups and a studio (new opening in 2020) Tribalfare also offer a chance to immerse and explore through travel experiences. Always dreamed of traveling to India but never got a chance? Well now you can travel worry free and see India through a native’s eyes!

When cultures meet…magic happens!