About Us

Tribalfare specializes in offering one of a kind ethnic products, hand-made by artisans across India.

These artisans have been practicing their trade dating back several hundred years. These skills and techniques were passed down from generation to generation forming an indelible legacy of that region.

Tribalfare relies on local networking and research to find extraordinary artisans, authenticate their trade and source products directly from them. Our products are a testimony of their fine workmanship.

Our offerings include Handbags, Scarves, Skirts and Jewelry, and other unique items. Each item while ethnic is well adapted for modern lifestyle. Due to the artisan nature of the products, most are of limited availability and no two pieces are alike.

We believe greatly in ‘’word of mouth’’ advertising. Experience tells us that our loyal customers are often direct referrals. 

Tribalfare ethnic products hand-made India.

About The Founder


Namaste. Welcome to Tribalfare!

I spent many years of my life trying to fit into the corporate machinery and while it was good, I was ready for a change. Launching Tribalfare has really taken me back to my roots, my heritage, to where I am from. I have learned over time that most of my clients (now friends;) are not only interested in the story of the products but are also interested in my journey and how Tribalfare was founded.

Years ago I decided to put my classical dance training to work by opening up a dance studio teaching contemporary and folk dances of India. I decorated it with chic ethnic items; scarves, jewelry and motifs. My students fell in love with these products. They wanted these items and they wanted it pronto. My students became my first store clients! Word got around and more people wanted more stuff. It became clear to me that there is a tremendous appreciation of such hand-made items from India. Coming from a place where such items were commonplace, the value of my heritage was long erased from memory. Meeting people who appreciated this so much revived my enthusiasm and my passion.

The work of sourcing these items got me in touch with some amazing people from all over India. People from different states, with varied cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds. All of them with a life richly steeped in history and crafts but often living in disadvantaged conditions. Tribalfare supports these one-of-a-kind artisans and strives to keep their craft alive. We focus solely on such items that are unique and purposeful. ‘Handpicked and Handmade’ is our mantra.

Tribalfare does not approach artisans to influence or manipulate their design to fit modern fashion or lifestyles. Our idea is to preserve the artisan’s unique process and products just as they had intended to create them.

Find Your Artisan Treasure

"I am so happy with the scarves I have purchased from Tribalfare! Their unique colors are eye-catcing. I use them to spice up my favourite everyday outfit like jeans with black or white tops. The texture, shine and color of these garments brings joy and warmth, a bit of sunshine on dark, cloudy days."

Agnes Tassy

"I have purchased several items from Tribalfare including 5 skirts for myself, my mother, and my daughters. The skirts are not only beautiful, but so easy to care for. I love that they can be dressed up or down – they’re very versatile. The quality is excellent and Tribalfare’s customer service can’t be beat."

-Angela W,

"Dear Ojas,

I was delighted when I learned you were bringing your treasures to China.  I had seen some friends modeling the jewelry and scarves and it made me all the more eager to shop!
I am now the proud owner of terrific jewelry, a scarf, purse, wallet and wrap around skirts which I have lived in this summer!! Your beautiful collection is colorful unique and makes me very happy.

Thank you for sharing your culture and lovely merchandise, Ojas!"

Sam Pauwels